Pub and Kitchen

Old Bay Potato Chips

Old Bay Potato Chips

If it seems like all I’m doing is eating out, well, it mostly is all I’m doing. A steady stream of house guests and celebrations will do that you. I was pleased to finally make it to Pub and Kitchen. I worked with Johnny Mac back in the first year of Marigold Kitchen, and was eager to visit his spot. Initially I went for the bloody mary, of which I’d heard good reports. I said spicy and gave the waiter a meaningful, seriously look and dammit, it was. With a delicious pickled hot pepper. I also went for some eggs, be they boiled or deviled, but sadly, they aren’t on the menu anymore. Never mind. I found other things to gorge myself on, like the above hand-cut potatoes, fried crisp and dusted with Old Bay. Yes please. These were just right in their cute little cream and brown crock.

Vegetable Bruchetta

Vegetable Bruchetta

Vegetable bruchetta with roasted eggplant, onion, and red pepper, perfectly diced and mounded on just-crisped bread. A little bland, flavor-wise.

Mustard Green Beans

Mustard Green Beans

For some reason, perhaps just because I was in a pub, I thought these green beans would come fried. Nope. But they were perfectly still-crisp steamed, and topped with a shallot/grainy mustard and I suspect white wine vinegar sauce. I ate them with my fingers.
Beets and Feta

Beets and Feta

I love beets! That’s just what this little dish was, with a few chunks of good salty feta, a sprinkle of parsley, and a dash of olive oil. Close to perfect, and a generous size for the price.
Fries with truffle dijonaise

Fries with truffle dijonaise

By now, it should be obvious to you that I was on a sort of small plates binge. I love small plates, and side and appetizers, and I certainly didn’t need to eat as many as I did, but I saw “truffle dijonaise” on the fries description and it was a done deal. The fries are pretty classic – good pub style but nothing to write home about – but that sauce, with actual flecks of black truffle in it, is a killer.

I enjoyed feasting on all of Pub and Kitchen’s tasty sides. They had some salads that sounded nice, but I wanted something more substantial, and sadly, they don’t offer any vegetarian sandwiches or mains. Hope that changes!

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