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Spring Risotto with Truffled Shitake Mushrooms

Spring Risotto with truffled shitake mushrooms

Spring Risotto with truffled shitake mushrooms

I’m trying to eat and cook with more local seasonal ingrediants. It’s not any harder, really, it just takes a little bit of thought and some personal education about just what is in season. I had good friends coming in for Friday night dinner, and decided to make this risotto filled with spring vegetables I could pick up easily.

I followed this recipe to a T (I know, an anomoly for me).While I was waiting for my guests to arrive, I pre-chopped all the vegetables, and made a quick broth from the trimmings and a clove of garlic.The only thing I changed was additing the fresh asparagus and peas with the fifth cup of vegetable broth instead of the fourth. The vegetables came out perfectly al dente. I also sliced some shitake mushrooms, tossed them with garlic and truffle oil, and roasted them until the edges crisped. A drop of truffle oil and the mushrooms garnished the risotto and leant a “fancy”  and rich flavor for our special meal


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