Nan Zhou Handdrawn Noodle House

I’ll go to Chinatown any time, but a Dr. Dog concert located just up the street at the Starlight Ballroom gave me a convenient excuse to convince friends to visit Nan Zhou Handdrawn Noodle House. Nan Zhou has been on my “to visit” list for months now, and did not disappoint. It’s small and has brusque service that requires a lot of pointing and ordering … Continue reading Nan Zhou Handdrawn Noodle House

Thanksgiving Love Feast Rolls

Each year I celebrate Thanksgiving with a group of college friends, most of whom have families far away in the Midwest. We’ve been getting together for so many years that, by now, we all have our own traditional dishes that we bring to the potluck. I’m on rolls. Depending on how much time I have, this could mean a few loaves of French bread or, … Continue reading Thanksgiving Love Feast Rolls

lunchtime salads

I prepare lunch buffets for work at least once a week, and try to keep them delicious, healthy, vegetarian-friendly, and budget conscious. Since I’m often eating these lunches, too, I also don’t want to feel bored, either preparing them or eating them, especially when I have multiple lunches to prepare in one week. I’ve started making more exciting salads to keep me entertained, and happy … Continue reading lunchtime salads