Hungry at Root

beet, blue cheese and endive at Root

I’ve been eating and cooking vegetarian for 16 years and thinking for a few about starting an eating/ cooking blog.  The purchase of a brand new camera, small enough to carry around with me to capture all possible food moments, has been the inspiration I needed to get going!

I’m usually a researcher and review reader, but popped into my local Ritz Camera store and walked out with the first camera the suited my slim, yet zoomy needs. No reviews read. All in the excitement of taking pictures that very night at a Yelp Elite event at the new restaurant Root in Philadelphia. Sadly, I was more than a bit disappointed by their decidedly few vegetarian options.  The hors d’overs on the right, a mix of seasonal beets, topped with blue cheese, nested in a bitter endive leaf, was acceptable, mostly because I was already so hungry! Later in the evening they also provided mini cheese rangoon dabbed with sriracha, a warm apple cake and brownies so soft and melty on the inside, they oozed like liquid fudge – all vegetarian but certainly not vegan!

I love to eat out and go to new restaurants, but I get frustrated when there are so few vegi-friendly options, especially at an establishment that claims to be intersted in local and sustainable food! I left a comment for them on, and hopefully in the future they will cater to a more to those who avoid meat!

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