On the cold and blustery night that was last Saturday, the bf and I spent an afternoon gathering sweaters from the clearance racks and and picking out new glasses with the very hip and helpful staff at Urban Eye. Feeling a tad hungry, and after a yummy pineapple margarita with a cinnamon-sugar rim at El Vez (sorry, I forgot the photo), swinging my feet at the bar, I looked across the street and saw the twinkling white christmas lights of Lolita. The bf had never been. It was not a hard sell.

blood orange margarita with mint
blood orange margarita with mint

Lolita is a BYOT restaurant (Bring Your Own Tequila). We brought a nice bottle of reposada and enjoyed a pitches of the blood orange margarita mix. I love blood oranges, but too often the flavor, when ordered out, is too sweet. Not at Lolita. The mix offers just a slight sweet edge, and fresh muddled mint.
chips with dos salsas
chips with dos salsas
We shared the fresh, homemade chips that and two salsas, one a cilantro-heavy, mild green salsa, the other a spicier, complex roasted poblano and tomato salsa. Luckily, our appetizer came quickly, or I would have eaten the whole basket!
fundido de queso
fundido de queso

I’m lactose intolerant, and have to say that I didn’t do so well with the ordering this night. Thankfully, I always carry a handful of Lactaid for cheese emergencies. We ordered the fundido de queso (with the chorizo on the side for the bf), and it arrived hot, beautiful, and crispy black on the sides – just the way I like my baked cheese! Warm petite corn tortillas, wrapped in a cotton cloth, were the perfect paired for our eager, cheese-scooping fingers.
enchiladas verdes
enchiladas verdes

I considered substituting portabello mushrooms or chile tofu in one of the entrees, an option that makes Lolita uniquely vegetarian friendly among Philadelphia BOYB’s, but on our waitress’s suggestion, I ordered the enchiladas verdes, substituting crisp fried tofu for the shrimp. Everything at Lolita is presented beautifully, and the sauce was a creamy, cilantro-heavy dream. Perhaps I’m just extra cheese sensitive now, or maybe it’s because I love mushrooms so much, but I would have preffered more shitakes in the enchiladas, and less Lancaster jack cheese. It was, truth be told, still entirely delicious, and though I could hardly make it through half of the entree, I could hardly wait to eat the rest the next day!

Like many small BYOBs in Philadelphia – we’re overly blessed to have so many wonderful ones – Lolita is small, and can be loud and crowded, especially on the weekends. We were lucky to score a tiny table in the front corner, and had a lovely romantic night anyway. Our waitress was just attentive enough without being overbearing, dishes were cleared promptly, and the food came out faster than we could finish our pitcher of margaritas! The prices we also reasonable, and it always helps the bill at the end of the night to BYOT!

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