Tangarine Tofu

Baked Tangarine Tofu from <em>Veganomicon</em>
Baked Tangarine Tofu from Veganomicon
I had a few extra tangarines in the kitchen, and decided to make the Tangarine Tofu from Veganomicon. Their recipe calls for a pretty meager amount of tangarine zest, so of course I added more. While they would have you bake the tofu in its marinade for about 45 minutes, which I did, it ends up looking like this: I wanted a bit more flavor and carmelization, so I pan-fried the tofu in just a bit of seseme oil, adding the remaining marinade as a glaze. I served the tofu, as per usual, with a small bed of brown rice.
fried Tangarine Tofu with baby bok choy
fried Tangarine Tofu with baby bok choy

Senor Lanky (the bf) prepared the baby bok choy by frying 8 (!) cloves of garlic in peanut oil, adding the boy choy until it wilted slightly, then reducing a marinade of soy, seseme oil, rice wine vinegar, and touch of corn starch. He called it “bok choy with garlic” and was very proud of himself.


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