MidWestern Holiday: Blind Faith Cafe

Mongolian Stir-Fry at Blind Faith
Mongolian Stir-Fry at Blind Faith

Senor Lanky and I traveled to Illionois to visit his family for a few days over the holiday. They took us to a wonderful vegetarian restaraunt in Evanston called Blind Faith Cafe which has been operating since the 1970s. They have a large and diverse menu and as I’m not used to having so many option, it was hard to make decisions. I ordered the Mongolian Stir-Fry (pictured above) with seitan, broccoli, red bell peppers and scallions in a spicy sauce over crisp fried glassine noodles. It was quite tasty, and had just the right amount of spice.
Blind Faith Fajitas
Blind Faith Fajitas

Senor Lanky’s mother had the Blind Faith Fajitas with seitan, red pepeprs, green onions and tomato served with black beans and corn tortillas. While she thought the seitan was interesting, and the dish was good overall, the sauce had a overpowering “tomato-y” taste.

Black Bean Tostadas at Blind Faith
Black Bean Tostadas at Blind Faith

Senor Lanky ordered the Black Bean Tostadas which were perfectly fine, if a bit bland. I’m not one for tostadas, but they seem to be popular at Blind Faith and are listed under the “Favorites” section of the menu.

Tofu Vegetable Rice Bowl at Blind Faith
Tofu Vegetable Rice Bowl at Blind Faith

Senor Lanky’s step-father had the tofu vegetable rice bowl, which looked delicious. It was beautifully presented and just the right serving amount. Unfortunately, our server forgot to bring the chili sauce they serve on the side, and the dish suffered from an unbalanced sweet-to-spicy ratio. The table’s favorite dish, which I failed to photograph, was the bowl of Thai Peanut Noodles that we shared as an appetizer. There was just the right salty/sweet/spicy ratio, the noodles were al dente, crunchy topping peanuts left whole.
The Blind Faith Cafe is good restaurant, and a great addition to the neighborhood. I was so pleased and honored that Senor Lanky’s family decided to take a chance and try a new place for them that had so many food options for me. Overall, if Blind Faith would reduce its sprawling menu and work towards consistency in all its dishes, I think it could be great!

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4 thoughts on “MidWestern Holiday: Blind Faith Cafe

  1. “Sprawling menu”? The current menu is a mere shadow of what it was. Prices have increased 50-70% and porions are much smaller than in the recent past.

    1. You may be right! I currently live in Philadelphia, and this was my first visit to Blind Faith. I know that it has been a classic vegetarian restaurant, with many loyal customers, and that their menu had recently changed. I still enjoyed my time there!

  2. All good things must come to an end-

    Our days of traveling from St. Louis to Chicago for the delightful and inspiring tastes of Blind Faith have come to a crashing halt. We made it a top priority to go the first night of our visit this time around, but our experience has left us with such a bad taste in our mouths (pun intended) that we will not be returning. I’m not sure if the new management has not succeeded or if there is a new (inexperienced) chef, but it is NOT the same Blind Faith we have always loved.

    We started with appetizers and decided on the risotto cake on a vegetable ragout. By definition, “Ragoût is a thick, hearty stew of French origin.” This “ragout” we were served was all broth and could have been served as a soup (except for the obvious flavor flaws). The only vegetables to speak of were some cabbage, capers, and olives. It was not good and I chose not to eat my half (this never happens!) The Miso was so-so and the wine was served with a live mosquito- seriously.

    Moving on to dinner, there were no specials to speak of, so we ordered Kung Pao and were elated to discover that it was as wonderful as we had hoped. They do have a fantastic meat substitute (Gardein) and it was perfectly spiced. Maybe the chef trained in Asian cooking, as ¾ of the menu was of that ethnicity (not the usual diversity of choices). We had our hopes up for the Summer Sagamite, which consisted of wild mushrooms, new potatoes, fava beans, parsnips, and dandelion greens. They must have been out of wild mushrooms, as they served us plain-Jane white ones. The vegetables this time were also not what was promised on the menu- no fava beans, no parsnips, and they had substituted Swiss chard for dandelion greens (acceptable when accompanied by all the other correct ingredients). The potatoes were either overdone or underdone, which happens when you chop them in pieces as small as peas and as big as golf balls. I didn’t taste a hint of the rhubarb dressing that was to top this all off. It was an incredible and practically inedible catastrophe.

    By far the worst part of this experience was the waitress, whom did not greet us and continued to be indifferent to us throughout the dinner. She did not once ask how the food was or seem at all concerned that we were obviously not satisfied. Meanwhile, she was devoted to the table next to us, inquiring about their meals and offering her undivided attention. Thank goodness we were blessed with a fantastic busser, who was kind and available throughout the entire experience (so he obviously received the tip!)

    All in all, Blind Faith is no longer worth the time or money. It is with sadness that my husband and I say goodbye to what was once our favorite and most craved vegetarian restaurant.

  3. AGREED!!!! Blind Faith was my most favorite restaurant in the entire world.. for about 20+ years.. Sadly, that has come to a crashing END. . 😦

    The food and house tea (assuming you can find any on your plate) is pretty nonexistant!!! rather silly.. . and not worth the time it takes me to drive there.. along with being extremely VERY HIGH PRICED..

    Seriously.. I am not a chef.. but I make better food at home. In Blind Faith’s prime.. I would never make such a statement. It WAS a most amazing restaurant.. comfy, cozy, charming, warm and inviting.. Now its like any standard high priced cold unfeeling restaurant. They’ll not be getting any more business from me.

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