Midwestern Holiday: Ricky’s Taqueria

Ricky's Taqueria
Ricky's Taqueria

All I had to do was ask for a good taco joint in Elkhart, IN and everyone who overheard me said “Ricky’s.” Luckily, Ricky’s is just down the street from a project my dad was showing us, so afterward he, I and Senor Lanky hit up Ricky’s. We almost missed it (the restaurant building is about the size my living room) but luckily the sign and the picnic benches caught my eye.

Ricky's Kitchen
Ricky's Kitchen

Ricky’s operates with a small back prep kitchen and a behind the counter cook kitchen where the burritos, taco, tostadas, quesadillas and elotes are whipped together with lightening speed.

Vegetarian Burrito with roasted peppers at Ricky's
Vegetarian Burrito with roasted peppers at Ricky's

I ordered the vegetarian burrito with refried beans, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, avocado and a special addition – a side of roasted peppers so hot they would take the paint off a car. I told the waitress to just stick the whole order right in. You can see them, glowing with green fire, in the center of the burrito. The burrito was HUGE, at least two pounds, and I admit that I was so hungry, and it was so delicious, I ate the whole thing. I felt dizzy with food and pepper-fire for the next hour.

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