A few of my favorite Christmas things

La Crueset Dutch Oven
La Crueset Dutch Oven

I received some wonderful Christmas presents, most of them food-related. Here are some of my favorites, which I’m sure you’ll hear more about in the future. Above, the cherry red La Crueset 7 1/4 Qt. dutch oven (with matching spatuala set) that Señor Lanky got me.  I’ve already made two meals in it, and am in love.

Ball Canning Jars
Ball Canning Jars

A selection of canning jars from my mom. I’ll be all set to hit the Italian Market for produce this summer – when I get started canning I just can’t stop. And I’ll have those jars of tomato sauce, homemade by mom and dad straight out of the garden, empty by the summer, too.

Yogurt Maker
Yogurt Maker

I’ve been trying to make yogurt in my gas oven for over a year. Somehow the recipe that works for my mother just won’t work for me. This Euro Cuisine yogurt maker from my brother and his fiance has me back on track and feeding my breakfast yogurt/berries/flax seed habit.

<em>How to Cook Everything Vegetarian </em>
How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

I can hardly put this cookbook down – its just genius. The recipes aren’t overly complex, but also offer variations. There are plenty of new south-east asian and chili-inspired recipes to keep my trying new and exciting flavors. The drawings, when included,  are much more useful (do you know how to trim an artichoke) than written instructions could be. And it’s HUGE.

Amish/Mennonite Cookbooks
Amish/Mennonite Cookbooks

And more Amish/Mennonite cookbooks (thanks grandmas!) for my collection. I skip the beef and noodles and go straight to the pickles and jams.

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