Tria – Sipping on the Edge

Table at Tria
Table at Tria

Señor Lanky and I went to the “Sipping on the Edge” event at Tria, a happy hour featuring three Italian wine with tricky names easy to tie your tongue around. Tria is one of my favorite places in Philadelphia, and I’m always excited for a reason to return.

Truffled egg toast
Truffled egg toast

We started off with a medium-bodied Cantine Statti Galioppo. From the “snacks” menu we order the truffled egg toast, a perfect, runny, truffle-scented egg atop slightly melted fontina and a thick, rich toast.

Goat cheese, roasted garlic, and pesto bruchetta
Goat cheese, roasted garlic, and pesto bruchetta

Tria has some wonderful (and affordable!) bruchetta ad I always order at least one. We started with the goat cheese, roasted garlic and pesto bruchetta. The roasted garlic was blended with the goat cheese, melted soft but not runny, and smeared with a generous spread of pesto.

White bean spread with baguette
White bean spread with baguette

We moved on to the deeper, spicier Colle de Bardellini Pigato, a red wine from the Fruli region. Alongside, I ordered the white bean spread with toasted baguette. I didn’t expect the baguette sliced to be brushed with oil and sprinkled with paprika, but it added a delightful spiciness to the mellow dip, crusted with a crisp melted cheese.  True to form, I dug in before I remember to take a photo. Senor Lanky orderd a carmalized onion with feta bruchetta, the onion almost meltingly soft and deep brown/red color. Unfortunately, I lost the photo.

It was a lovely candlelit night at Tria, and I look forward to my next visit!

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