Su Xing House

Triple Shredded in Garlic
Triple Shredded in Garlic

I’ve wanted to visit Su Xing House, a Chinese vegetarian restaurant, since it opened on Sansom street almost a year ago. Today was the first time I was nearby and hungry! The restaraunt itself is lovely with two tastefully decored floors (and one sparkly chandelier), both dimly light and quiet. The absence of jangly music was almost offputting in it rairity, but I enjoyed it. I ordered the slightly ominous sounding Triple Stredded in Garlic, a combination of crispy thinly sliced tofu, crispy vegetable protien, and straw mushrooms. I would have prefered a more flavorful mushroom, and it certainly didn’t warrant the spicy chili indication it held on the menu. I did like the  addition of red pepper ribbons and fresh sprouts, the sauce that was both sweet and salty, and the great textures in the dish.

Sweet and Sour Soy Nuggets
Sweet and Sour Soy Nuggets

My friend Beth ordered the sweet and sour soy nuggets, deep fried, pillowy balls with red and green peppers, swimming in sweet and sour sauce. I didn’t get a nibble, but she (omnivour that she is) thought it was tasty.

Su Xing has lovely service, and extensive menu based on traditional chinese vegetarian foods (rather than vegetarian orange “beef” etc.) and they offer brown rice – a plus with me. I’ll be back to this dimly lit oasis in the middle of hectic downtown.

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