Good Dog Late Night

Good Dog Veggie Cake sandwich
Good Dog Veggie Cake sandwich

Señor Lanky was luck enough to score us some free tickets to the Symphony this week. We hurried from work to the gym to the Kimmel Center, with nary a moment for a healthy bite to eat, besides the Flavor & Fiber bar we split on the way to our seats. The Symphony (Curtis School, playing a particularly great Berlioz Symphonie Fantastic) ended at 10:30PM, and we stumbled out with rumbling tummies.

Where oh where to get a bite so late on a week night? Good Dog to the rescue, with a kitchen that stays open late and all kinds of veggie options. While I was tempted by the black bean and rice “soup of the day,” I succumbed to the more substantial veggie cake sandwich – a crispy roasted eggplant, scallion, mushroom, lentil and cilantro cake (likely deep fat-fried) on a cibatta with curried mayo, lettuce and tomato. And no, that’s not fake bacon you see. It’s a handful of crispy veggie chips, right on the sandwich. I order the mixed greens with a nice balsamic instead of the fries, gobbled half up, and saved the other for the next days lunch, when it was still delicious.

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