Shiao Lan Kung

Hot and Sour Soup, no ham
Hot and Sour Soup, no ham

There are so many place that I love to eat in Chinatown, but so many more places that I haven’t been to yet. Shiao Lan Kung was a new choice, and came recommended.  Senor Lanky and I met Beth and her fiance, Senor Brownguy on a blustery weekend night and though the small restaraunt was bursting at the seems, we soon got a table. The menu is huge, and choices were difficult, though the appetizers were easy – they have NO vegetarian appetizers. Luckily, they make a hot a sour soup, no ham if requested, that is increadible. Spicy, oily, full of delicious tidbits and fragrant with seseme, it was exactly what I needed to warm up.

Salt-Baked Tofu
Salt-Baked Tofu

Shiao Lan Kung is known for their salt-baked squid, so I ordered the salt-baked tofu. I’ve never had anything like it.  Salty and crispy on the outside, soft and velvety on the inside, and topped with fried green onions.  The only that dissapointed me was the lack of vegetables – nothing but tofu for this main dish. It would be best as a giant, table appetizer, which is the way that I’ll order it next time.

The restaraunt, like many in Chinatown, is low on ambience, and sitting at a table by the door on a winter night can mean a lot of cold gusts to deal with. But it’s inexpensive, delicious, and BYOB. I’ll back.

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