Tria – Sipping on the Edge

Señor Lanky and I went to the “Sipping on the Edge” event at Tria, a happy hour featuring three Italian wine with tricky names easy to tie your tongue around. Tria is one of my favorite places in Philadelphia, and I’m always excited for a reason to return. We started off with a medium-bodied Cantine Statti Galioppo. From the “snacks” menu we order the truffled … Continue reading Tria – Sipping on the Edge

Korean-Style Cucumber Salad with Soy and Ginger, on Romaine

The secret to this cucumber salad from How to Cook Everything is to peel the cucumbers, scrape out the seeds inside before slicing them, and then let them drain, salted, in a colander before rinsing. I used the Korean-style variation, adding chili sesame oil. The recipe is for the dressed cucumbers alone, but I laid them on a bed of very thinly sliced Romaine and … Continue reading Korean-Style Cucumber Salad with Soy and Ginger, on Romaine

Curried Coconut Soup with Lemongrass

I was able to whip up this Curried Coconut Soup with the few groceries I had in my cupboards,  and a supply of fresh lemongrass  I picked up at the produce cart last weekend.  I actually followed the recipe in How to Cook Everything almost to the letter, though I added extra chilis and some rice noodles, and used dried chinese mushrooms instead of shitake … Continue reading Curried Coconut Soup with Lemongrass

A few of my favorite Christmas things

I received some wonderful Christmas presents, most of them food-related. Here are some of my favorites, which I’m sure you’ll hear more about in the future. Above, the cherry red La Crueset 7 1/4 Qt. dutch oven (with matching spatuala set) that Señor Lanky got me.  I’ve already made two meals in it, and am in love. A selection of canning jars from my mom. … Continue reading A few of my favorite Christmas things

Hot and Sour Braised Tempeh

Sometimes you read a recipe, and you think you know what this finished product will taste like. This one totally blew me away. I used the Hot and Sour braised tempeh variation from Mark Bittman’s genius How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. I substituted green beans for cabbage and brown rice for the bean threads, and since I didn’t have any fresh basil or cilantro in … Continue reading Hot and Sour Braised Tempeh

Local 44

Señor Lanky and I have been waiting for Local 44 with baited breath for months, every since Brendan “Spanky” Hartranft confirmed the rumor of its West Philly opening one Sunday brunch as we gobbled fried pickles at Memphis Taproom. I immediately signed up for the mailing list, I’ve checked the website obsessively, I’ve bike past slowly and looked in the windows. Finally. Finally, Local 44 … Continue reading Local 44

Midwestern Holiday: La Brochette

After a hectic New Years, Senor Lanky and I met friends at La Brochette, a Moroccan and Mediterranean BYOB restaurant in Chicago that came highly recommended. Though they didn’t actually have an vegetarian main dishes on the menu, or server was very accommodating and suggested that I try the 7 Vegetables with Lamb, minus the lamb. I was not disappointed. The vegetables were soft and … Continue reading Midwestern Holiday: La Brochette