“My Own Private India Menu” from Veganomicon

Indian Menu from Veganomicon
Indian Menu from Veganomicon

Though I appreciate it when cookbooks include entire menu selections, I rarely use them as more that a jumping off point. Last weekend, partially inspired by some brussel sprouts I had purchased at the co-op, I decided to cook the entire — menu from Veganomicon. I substituted some leftover black rice for the called-for basmati, but I was otherwise true to the menu. The curried tofu, baked in the oven, was tasty, thought the tamarind lentil could have used some more kick. While I enjoyed the cornmeal masala brussel sprouts, I just couldn’t  bring myself to add the 8 Tbs. of peanut oil the spiced topping called for, and as a result, they were less crispy as they would have been. Overall, it was a healthy meal, though in the future I’ll add at least some spicy pickles and chutneys for flavor.


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Erin Gautsche cooking in and eating out, traveling and learning; curious and vegetarian.

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