Chalaw Kadu
Chalaw Kadu

After sitting in a dark movie theater for almost 5 hours to watch “Che” – the roadshow version – Senor Lanky and I were hungry. I’d long wanted to visit one of the Afghani restararaunts near Chestnut and 2nd, and Ariana’s 20% discount for Ritz moviegoers made the choice between them simple. I ordered the chalaw kadu, sauteed pumpkin with yogurt sauce and a bit of spice, served with basmati rice. The pumpkin was quite good, and had a sort of comfort food vibe. I ate the leftovers the next day with a calypso hot sauce, and it was even better.

 Bulanee Gandana
Bulanee Gandana

I also had an order of bulanee gandana, a “turnover” filled with scallions and spices, served with a homemade yogurt dipping sauce. The outside of the fritter was my favorite part – surprisingly light and crispy, though it broke apart easily and had trouble containing the fried scallions.

Overall our meal was quite nice, and I’m glad that I was able to try something new, but the menu is perhaps a bit pricey (especially for vegetarians) when you take into account the ingredients and smaller serving sizes.

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Erin Gautsche cooking in and eating out, traveling and learning; curious and vegetarian.

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