Zento Contemporary Sushi

Sweet Potato Tempura Sushi at Zento
Sweet Potato Tempura Sushi at Zento

Somehow,  I’ve never seen sweet potato tempura sushi on the menu at any of the sushi places I’ve been to.  Holy delicious! Battered and fried sweet potatoes wrapped in rice and seaweed? Yum! I topped my roll off with a sweet inari (tofu skin) sushi. Senor Lanky thought the fish was very fresh, and the cute little restaurant is conveniently located in Old City, where I tend to not find many exciting food options.

I also had a delcious bowl of agadashi tofu – one of my favorite foods ever – beautifully topped with asparagus and mushroom tempura. Unfortunately, I had been hungry for about 3 hours before we settle on Zento, and I dove right in before taking a picture. Don’t worry. With prices this fair, service this friendly, BYOB and great location, I’ll be back.

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Erin Gautsche cooking in and eating out, traveling and learning; curious and vegetarian.

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