The best fried pickles in Philly – Memphis Taproom

Fried Pickles at Memphis Taproom
Fried Pickles at Memphis Taproom

I would like to sing the praises of the fried pickle spears at Memphis Taproom. Bar none, they are the best damn fried pickles in the city of Philadelphia – maybe the whole East Coast. Full, giant dill pickle spears, breaded in beer batter (recently appearing in a thicker, even more delicious, almost corn-dog coating consistancy), soaking in deep fat oil, and served with a side of horseradish buttermilk dip – these beauties make me want to kiss the chef on the mouth. I’ just lucky that I live far enough away from the MT – I’d easily weigh an extra 10 pounds if I could get these whenever I wanted them. On one fateful weekend I actually had an order around 10PM, and was back at 10AM for another. Shameful.

Tacos Bruncheros
Tacos Bruncheros

I also ordered some “real” brunch food – the cutely named Tacos Bruncheros.  Homemade corn tortillas, roasted peppers, scrambled eggs and potatoes, black beans, a dusting of queso fresco and sides of guac and pico. They were pretty tasty, though I would  throw more spice into the mix. Same for the bloody mary. When I say “hotter than the fires of hell” I mean it. Still, big big love for the on-point food at MT.

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