Cypress Grove Goat Cheeses I am Loving

Cypress Grove Chevre
Cypress Grove Chevre

Technically I’m lactose intolerant, but because cheese may be my favorite food, I cheat. The beautiful thing about goat cheese is that it’s lactose-free, so I can enjoy all the cheese I want, and not have to take those annoying dairy pills.

Purple Haze - lavender buds!
Purple Haze - lavender buds!

Purple Haze in one of my all- time favorite chevres – it’s lavender notes (you can actually see the little flower buds throughout the cheese) is the perfect accompanyment to honey, figs, and other sweet treats.

Humboldt Fog
Humboldt Fog

Humboldt Fog, produced by Cypress Grove Farms in California, is a cheese for mold lovers. With an almost melted, creamy texture near the rind, a soft chevre-like center, and a vein of delicious, bold mold right through the middle, this cheese is perfect after its been sitting out for a few hours. I could easily eat the entire hunk.

Midnight Moon
Midnight Moon

Midnight Moon is a Gouda-style, firmer goat cheese from Cypress Grove Farms. It has a lovely dark purple rind (which looks lovely next to some dusky grapes) and pairs easily with other cheeses. Dense but still creamy, its an approachable, lightly sweet cheese.  While many goat cheeses originate in the south of France, I thank the helpful cheesemongers at DiBruno Bros.  for all their help with these California selections.


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