Simply in Season on Farm to Philly

I wrote this post about one of my favorite cookbook series’ – More-with-Less, Extending the Table, and Simply in Season –  on the blog Farm to Philly, for which I am a contributor. Farm to Philly focuses on eating locally, organically and sustainable in Philadelphia. Simply in Season is a great cookbook whose goal is to help you eat lots of local produce, in season, … Continue reading Simply in Season on Farm to Philly

Honest Tom’s Taco Shop

Honest Tom’s taco truck, run by a nice, floppy haired Drexel grad, has been getting a lot of local press lately. Why? Well, there aren’t a lot breakfast taco trucks around, and that’s a shame. Also, he serves   tacos made from fresh, homemade ingredients, and french pressed coffee to go along with them, at a great price. But I had to try the taco for … Continue reading Honest Tom’s Taco Shop

Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day! While reducing your meat consumption (or going veg!) is one of the most significant ways that you can reduce your carbon imprint and be nicer to Mother Earth, there are lots of other ways to green your life! One important step is reducing your overall food waste. To begin, that means only buying (locally!) what you’ll eat, and using up all those … Continue reading Earth Day!


It was Senor Lanky’s birthday, and in keeping tradition with our trip to Vetri last year, we decided to go to Marc Vetri’s newest restaurant, and winner of the 2008 James Beard Foundation award for Best New Restaraunt, Osteria. Located in a large building with soaring ceilings on North Broad St., Osteria has a more upscale rustic design, great wooden tables, and a giant meat … Continue reading Osteria

Dinner Party Club – Japanese April

Longing for Spring, and overjoyed by the produce at Iovine’s, and inspired by the recent cherry-blossom festivals on the East Coast, I decided to go Japanese-style with this month’s Dinner Party Club meal. I started the meal off with these cute little “pocket” sushi – tofu puffs soaked and split and filled with saki rice, carrots, and black sesame seeds. The first spring rolls of … Continue reading Dinner Party Club – Japanese April

Adzuki bean, miso, and veggies soup

The only thing that I regret about this adzuki bean soup is that I didn’t soak the beans the night before. Already committed to the soup, I had to wait an impatient 2 hours until it was ready. Other than that – delicious. You can make it with canned beans, but slow cooked beans have a much firmer texture and a fuller flavor. I at … Continue reading Adzuki bean, miso, and veggies soup