Go Phillies – Eat Vegetarian!

Veggie Dogs, extra mustard please!
Veggie Dogs, extra mustard please!

Our World Champion Phillies are set to open this Sunday. Let the games begin! The Phillies also happen to play at the ballpark PETA has named “No. 1 vegetarian ballpark in Major League Baseball. ” The Philly City Paper reports that this year many Citizen’s vendors are going more “local” as well as increasing their vegetarian options offering “black bean burgers with cilantro sour cream and pepper jack cheese, veggie quesadillas, vegan burgers, veggie cheesesteaks and veg-friendly hoagies courtesy of Planet Hoagie will be available at various locations throughout the stadium.” That’s what I’m talking about!

Now, in the past I’ve searched the stadium for veggie burgers and veggie dogs, and I have found them over time (along with the Yards Pale Ale I was searching for) but veggie-friendly locations aren’t particularly well marked in the stadium. Are you heading out to the opening game, or other games this season? Send me a tip, and I’ll compile a veggie-friendly guide to the stadium!

6 thoughts on “Go Phillies – Eat Vegetarian!

  1. At the Friday on-deck game, I had my first ever veggie hoagie from Planet Hoagie in Ashburn Alley. It was delicious. Broccoli rabe, eggplant, peppers with sharp provolone on a seeded roll. I would have liked a little more eggplant, but it was still great.

  2. Veggie dogs and burgers available behind section 128 at the South Philly Grill. The new cheesesteak place also has veggie steaks, but they weren’t very good. I heard there were veggie quesdillas at one of the nacho stands, but I didn’t have any luck with that!

  3. They have veggie chicken cheesesteaks and veggie cheesesteaks at campos in ashburn alley. I got the veggie chicken one it was good wit wiz and hot sauce. Also next to campos is planet hoagie they are making vegetarian crab cakes new to the 2009 menu.

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