Fried Pickle Challenge – Khyber

Khyber Fried Pickle Chips
Khyber Fried Pickle Chips

You might have noticed how much I love fried pickles. If they are on the menu, I’m ordering them. If you know of a place in Philly with fried pickles, please tell me about them. The above fried pickles are from The Khyber. They currently rack as #3, under Memphis Taproom (#1) and El Camino Real (#2). I prefer spears, but most places seems to fry the pickles in chips which, in the case of the Khyber pickles, means that if you bite into a pickle chip the pickle often slides right out of the breading, leaving you with a pickle dangling from your mouth and a piece of greasy breading in your hand. And then you have to decide if you are feeling gross enough to eat the breading plain, dipped in sauce (the traditional chili mayo at Khyber). It’s a terrible choice to have to make. El Camino Real gets around this with a light cornmeal breading that manages to stay on the pickle.

That said, these fried pickles are still tasty, and The Khyber is a hell of a place to go for happy hour. They have a big old menu of cheap bar food (that basket of fried pickles is just $3!) with plenty of veggie options, Lagers for $1, and $2 off of drafts. YUM.

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