Victor Cafe, a musical rendezvous


My parents were visiting from Indiana, so I took them (and Senor Lanky) to Victor Cafe in South Philadelphia. Known as a “musical rendezvous” spot since it opened in 1933, the entire waitstaff at Victor are opera students who break into song, while the restaurant guests listen. It’s definitely an experience out of the ordinary!

the Victor Salad
the Victor Salad

Senor Lanky and I split the Victor salad – field greens, tomato wedges, boiled egg and gorgonzola cheese. I love egg and gargonzola together.

Ravioli Tita Ruffo
Ravioli Tita Ruffo

I ordered the Ravioli Tita Ruffo, filled with porcini mushrooms and coated in a very rich Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce, sprinkled with pine nuts and fresh tomato. A healthy dose of fresh-ground pepper, and this pasta was very comforting, incredibly filling, and pleasant. They serve pretty basic Italian food, with a surprising number of vegetarian options. Everyone enjoyed their meals though the menu nothing more exciting than you can get elsewhere in South Philly, or at one of the city’s great Italian BYOBs. But that’s not the point. You go to Victor for the amazing atmosphere (every wall surface is covered with photos and painting of opera singers and the tin ceiling is beautiful) and the song.

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One thought on “Victor Cafe, a musical rendezvous

  1. Tita Ruffo. Now we’re talking turkey! There were only two great baritones you know.1 Tita Ruffo,and 2 Tita Ruffo. His” largo” has never been equaled,and his Drinking Song from Hamlet is a lesson in breath control for all the ages to come! That you named a dish after him makes me happier then you can ever imagine .I only wish another voice like his would come along someday. P.S. I talked many years ago to a man who actually heard him at the academy when he was a young man. My old voice teacher “Wilber Evans” introduced him to me when I was but a teenager back in the early sixties.Thank you again for paying homage to the greatest of the great! Bill

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