Indonesian Soup at Pagoda Noodle Cafe

Indonesian Tofu Soup
Indonesian Tofu Soup

I love to go to movies at the Ritz Theaters, but there are not a lot of places that I love to grab a quick bite to eat when in Old City. Coming out of a movie at the Ritz 5 the other week, and straight into a cold, rainy night, I had a craving for soup. Senor Lanky and I finally decided to try the oddly located Pagoda Noodle Cafe, right next to the Ritz East Theater.

The hour was late and the place mostly empty, but I got my bowl of Indonesian Tofu soup (extra spicy please!) quickly and it was just what I wanted, hot, with a lot of egg, tofu and noodle and chili. Yum. Service is not the best (we had to ask to receive water and there don’t seem to be a lot of wait staff), but the Pagoda menu is expansive, has a lot of vegetarian options, and is nicely priced.

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