Earth Day!


It’s Earth Day! While reducing your meat consumption (or going veg!) is one of the most significant ways that you can reduce your carbon imprint and be nicer to Mother Earth, there are lots of other ways to green your life! One important step is reducing your overall food waste. To begin, that means only buying (locally!) what you’ll eat, and using up all those leftovers by taking them to work for lunch, making new meals, or throwing them into the freezer if you just can’t stand another day of squash soup but know you’ll need a quick meal in the future.

Another very important step is composting your food waste. Much like recycling and taking your own shopping totes to the store, composting is about ethics and reducing the imprint we leave on the Earth. While there is no data for what the average Philly household discards in organic waste each day, in New York , its two pounds. Two pounds! Much of this organic waste is compostable, and it’s easy to learn how. Even urbanites and those with very tiny yards – like me – can make their own compost.

On Saturday I’ll be attending a free composting workshop (with a free compost bin gift!) at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education. They offer multiple free green-living workshops in native plants, composting, rainwater collection, and more! They also offer workshops for children. Call them to sign up!

At work, we can’t have a compost bin. Because of the huge amount of cooking we do, we actually produce more waste that we can use. No problem! We fill compostable bags with our food waste, and once a week our buddy Woody from the awesome Pedal Co-Op comes to pick them up and hauls them, by bicycle, to one of the cities free compost sites. The Pedal Co-Op, an awesome nonprofit that will haul just about anything by bicycle was just featured in a video that one an award from National Geographic. Check it out , and give them a call!

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