Rainbow Chard Frittata

Rainbow Chard Frittata
Rainbow Chard Frittata

I love making frittata for brunch. You just put it all together in an iron skillet, turn on the stove, and then have plenty of time to set the table or make toast of drink bloody mary’s with your friends until it’s finished. I made this rainbow chard frittata for Easter Brunch a few weeks back. The very simple recipe comes from  “The Art of Simple Food” by Alice Waters’, she of Chez Pannise and pressuring the Obamas to grow an organic garden fame. The book truly is filled with simple recipes, using few ingrediants, that actually attempts to teach you to cook.  It begins with basic recipes, and then moves on to variations on techniques already learned. Also, Waters includes some nice information and encouragement to eat local and fresh. It often doesn’t even cross my mind to chop-up the stems on greens and cook them (I know, for shame!) and I was glad that this recipe specifically asked me to do so. Thanks Alice!

eggs After our lovely brunch,  we died some Easter eggs, which I’m still enjoying for lunch!

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