Honest Tom’s Taco Shop

Breakfast Tacos
Breakfast Tacos

Honest Tom’s taco truck, run by a nice, floppy haired Drexel grad, has been getting a lot of local press lately. Why? Well, there aren’t a lot breakfast taco trucks around, and that’s a shame. Also, he serves   tacos made from fresh, homemade ingredients, and french pressed coffee to go along with them, at a great price. But I had to try the taco for myself. I was delighted to find that Honest Tom’s camps out in Clark Park on the weekends.

I’m going to have to say, while the wait was a bit long, the taco was delicious. The potatoes perfectly fried, the eggs still slightly soft, the guac and pico fresh in piquant. And all for $2.50. Thank you Tom!

Honest Tom's truck sign
Honest Tom's truck sign

As a lover of food trucks, and tacos, I hope that Tom does well, and that he gets more competition!

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