Taos: green chilies and more chilies

Taos is a funky mountain town full of galleries, museums, and little bed and breakfast places. The land surrounding Taos has long attracted painters, writers, and free spirits with its beauty, natural light, and wilderness. I stopped in at the historic Taos in for an afternoon snack on the Adobe bar patio, which faces Taos’ main street (and great people watching). I ordered the Cowboy … Continue reading Taos: green chilies and more chilies

Headhouse Square Farmers Market

If you still haven’t been down to the Headhouse Square Farmers Market, now open on Saturday and Sunday, get there! It’s a cute little spot with a nice selection of breads and pastries, plants, fruit and vegetables, fresh-cut flowers, cheese and (if you’re into it) meat. Heirloom plants are grown from a vast array of traditional seeds, many forgotten and not widely distributed. Think there … Continue reading Headhouse Square Farmers Market

Spring Risotto with Truffled Shitake Mushrooms

I’m trying to eat and cook with more local seasonal ingrediants. It’s not any harder, really, it just takes a little bit of thought and some personal education about just what is in season. I had good friends coming in for Friday night dinner, and decided to make this risotto filled with spring vegetables I could pick up easily. I followed this recipe to a … Continue reading Spring Risotto with Truffled Shitake Mushrooms

Barn Burners (and bites) at Farmicia

When I found out that Farmacia, a great local restaurant that focuses on seasonal, locally sourced food, had added a 1/2 off drink menu to both their happy hour and their brunch, I made my way over quick. Farmacia makes a great bloody mary, called the “Barn Burner” as well as some exciting mixed drinks using herb and fruit syrups and other unique cocktail¬† inventions, … Continue reading Barn Burners (and bites) at Farmicia

Sorrel Pesto with whole wheat rotini

I picked up a bunch of fresh sorrel at the Headhouse Farmers Market the other weekend because it intrigued me. I’d never eaten sorrel and had no idea what it tasted like, or what to do with it. A quick perusal of the internet turned up quite a few recipes for sorrel pesto, so I gave it a shot, altering the recipe/s to suit my … Continue reading Sorrel Pesto with whole wheat rotini

Rainbow Chard with butter, pecorino

Dear Alice Waters, thank you for your amazing simple recipes. I’ve been in love with chard lately, especially the beautiful, rainbow-stemmed gems that have been appearing in Philadelphia farmers markets this spring. I’ve also been a little in love with The Art of Simple Food, Waters’ new cookbook/ode to simple and delicious seasonal eating. Waters taught me that chard stems are delicious (Rainbow Chard Frittata) … Continue reading Rainbow Chard with butter, pecorino

Egg Cup at Gold Standard Cafe

There’s been a lot of speculation in West Philly about the Gold Standard Cafe, run by the folks who brought us the notoriously mediocre Abbraccio. But another brunch spot is sorely needed in the neighborhood, and a cafe serving La Colombe right off the trolley stop sounds pretty tempting, too. The cafe itself is nicely appointed, even cute, with bar stool seat that look out … Continue reading Egg Cup at Gold Standard Cafe

Fried Sage and Sqaush Soup

I had some squash puree in the freezer, and plentiful sage in the garden, so I threw together this little soup as a starter for an easy Sunday night dinner. The soup is based on this recipe at epicurious.com, though I substituted homemade vegetable stock for the chicken, and used Earth Balance instead of butter (making it vegan) . The recipe also calls for too … Continue reading Fried Sage and Sqaush Soup