Portabello Burger with local toppings

Portabello Burger
Portabello Burger

It was a beautiful weekend in Philadelphia. I (and my awesome friends) did some incredible yard/gardening work, and we managed to bar-b-q not once, but twice. On Sunday evening I grilled some portabello mushroom caps that had been marinating in my secret grilled mushroom marinade (it involves chillies, and ginger, and garlic, and soy, and sesame) and topped them with a mix of store-bought ingredients (tomatoes, olive oil mayo, dijon mustard) and some delicious local finds from the Headhouse Square farmers market. Green onions and rainbow chard got a quick turn on the grill, and chive and garlic goats milk queso fresco from local Patches of Star goat farm made delicious appearances.

mmmm. Toppings
mmmm. Toppings

How would I make it better? I’d remove the stems from the chard (they’re delicious cooked but the short grill time wasn’t enough to properly soften them). I’d also put the whole “burger” on a heartier, seeded whole wheat bun.

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