Egg Cup at Gold Standard Cafe

Egg Cup
Egg Cup

There’s been a lot of speculation in West Philly about the Gold Standard Cafe, run by the folks who brought us the notoriously mediocre Abbraccio. But another brunch spot is sorely needed in the neighborhood, and a cafe serving La Colombe right off the trolley stop sounds pretty tempting, too. The cafe itself is nicely appointed, even cute, with bar stool seat that look out onto the street and plentiful outdoor seating. I stopped in on a weekday morning and got a cup of coffee (weak, though I hear that espresso-based beverages don’t suffer from this fault). Gold Standard only serves a full brunch menu on the weekend, but during the week they offer pastries and bagels and something called the “Egg Cup.”  I love eggs for breakfast, so ordered this up.

As you can see, it actually comes in an oversized mug. A grilled whole wheat tortilla is chopped up, tossed in the mug with a big serving of eggs scrambled with cheese or breakfast meat, if you choose. Topped off the a “bean salad” – a sort of pico de gallo with black beans, the egg cup was tasty. Not amazing, but certainly serviceable, and actually exceeded my low expectation. Why they serve it in a cup (its a bit odd to be poking around, wondering what lives at the bottom of your mug) is a mystery when it could just be served as a wrap, but I really appreciated the whole wheat tortilla. After breakfast I just stepped out the door and onto a trolley to work. Nice.

Gold Standard Cafe
Gold Standard Cafe

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