Rainbow Chard with butter, pecorino

Chard with butter, parmesan
Chard with butter, parmesan

Dear Alice Waters, thank you for your amazing simple recipes. I’ve been in love with chard lately, especially the beautiful, rainbow-stemmed gems that have been appearing in Philadelphia farmers markets this spring. I’ve also been a little in love with The Art of Simple Food, Waters’ new cookbook/ode to simple and delicious seasonal eating. Waters taught me that chard stems are delicious (Rainbow Chard Frittata) and also how to cook chard in this very simple way.

Remove the stems from leaves (I saved them for later, chopped them up, cooked them with a little olive oil, and ate them with quinoa). Drop the leaves in boiling water, and remove in about 3 minutes, when they have soften but are still bright green. Throw them in a pan with a dab of good melted butter (I used Earth Balance). Salt just a bit. Shave some good pecorino or parmesan on top, toss in the pan and heat through, and then eat, marveling at how simple and wonderful and just what you wanted it turns out to be.

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