Breakfast Burrito: The Road to Taos

Breakfast Burrito
Breakfast Burrito

On the road! I flew out out to New Mexico to visit family (hi Dawn, Anne, and Mary!) and took a roadtrip up to Taos. Just a few hours in state, and I needed a breakfast burrito in a bad way. If you take St. Francis Drive from Santa Fe up to Taos, you travel through a lot of pueblo land. I stopped at spot on the side of the road  in Ohkay Owingeh called Fairview Cafe.

Fairview Cafe
Fairview Cafe

A classic breakfast burrio comes in two sizes – hand-held and plate. I got the handheld (slightly smaller) in which all the ingrediants go inside the tortilla, instead of the chili slathered on top. I skip the breakfast meats, and but keep the rest of the ingrediants – scrambled eggs, hash browns, cheese and chili. I can never decide between red or green chilies (I want whichever is spicier that year, but also the other!) so I always order my burrito “christmas” – with both red and green chili. The burrito  hit the spot, and I got back on the road to Taos.

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