Savory Jellies

Red Pepper and Garlic Jelly
Red Pepper and Garlic Jelly

I’ve been a bad blogger. In the last week I’ve been transitioning from my old PC to a spiffy new Mac, and since I’m not the most computer-literate person I know, document and photo transfers took longer than expected. But I’m back! And promise to do better in the future.

I’m kind of obsessed with canning, and you may have also noticed that I’m more than a little obsessed with hot sauces and spiciness of all kinds. Not much of a sweet-tooth, the entire condiment section of my refrigerator (all those shelves on the side of the fridge door, and then some) are filled with mustards, hot sauces, pickles, and olives. It’s a natural, then, that I’d gravitate towards savory jellies, and I’ve been wanting to try my hand at them ever since experiencing my first jar of jalepeno jelly dumped over a cube of cream cheese and served with crackers (don’t judge, just try it).

Since it’s not quite time for tomato sauce/salsa canning or pickling, I’ve been going a bit crazy with the savory jellies. Pictured above is a red pepper and garlic jelly. If you’re making your own and want to avoid all the “chunks” rising to the top, after removing jars from their water bath, gently turn them upside down and then right-side-up every half-hour or so as they cool. The above jelly representing my first attempt, I had yet to learn this skill.

Jalepeno Jelly
Jalepeno Jelly

The jelly that started a (personal) taste revolution. I got a recipe from Ball’s Complete Book of Home Preserving and was fairly faithful to it, though I added extra peppers and refused to remove the seeds, as they suggested. While some of my friends think this is the best of all my attempts, I’d like it with a little less sugar. It also has twice the pectin that most jellies call for, which makes it quite stiff, which can be a little disconcerting, depending on how you would like to use it. I’m going to keep tweaking this one.

Triple Threat Pepper Jelly
Triple Threat Pepper Jelly

This lovely little jelly is based on a recipe for Habenero Gold jelly that uses dried apricots soaked in vinegar as its base. I used scotch bonnet peppers instead of the habenero, added jalepenos, diced red peppers, and red onions. I love this one, and purposefully lowered the sugar content by about 1/3.

More jellies, and summer treats, to come!

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