West Philly Dining Days Begins!

West Philly Dining Days!
West Philly Dining Days!

Dear Philadelphia,

West Philly Dining Days has begun! If you’re a little over the Center City fiasco of poor service and unmet expectations that often accompanies Restaurant Week, why not hop over to West Philly and enjoy some of my favorite, unpretentious, tasty classics?

In the $15 range, I recommend Desi Village, Vientiane, and Vietnam Cafe – all BYOBs that I visit with regularity and am never dissapointed. I’d skip the middle zone, but on the upper level (come on, only $30 people!) Marigold and Distrito are great, RX can be some good locally-grown fun, and Pod has an amazing mushroom fried rice. While Zolcolo can be a bit pricey for Mexican food (I’ve preached about it here before) the food is good, and for $30, why not give it a try? I haven’t been to the White Dog since they got a new owner, so I can’t recommend it, but feel free to try it out and report back!

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