Yelp Happy Hour at El Camino Real

Classic Margarita
Classic Margarita

I went to El Camino Real for a Yelp event a two Fridays ago. Even though it began to pour outside and we had to move into the restaurant, the bartender was on point, pouring glass after glass of delicious (and free!) classic margaritas . A good margaritas is hard to make – too many turn out sickly sweet or *gasp* frozen and from a machine. But El Camino does it right with a mix that’s equally salty and sweet. Rim that glass with sea salt, and enjoy.

The staff was lovely, bringing out plate after plate of (again, free!) appetizers. I don’t know when I last saw so many ribs. My meat eating friend (hey Beth!) thought they were delicious, and she also loved the tiny fried tortillas topped with pulled pork. Obviously, I skipped these, and really appreciated the wait staff who caught on to my vegetarianism and bee-lined straight towards me with every new plate of chips and guacamole.

BBQ Seitan, Texas toast, Amish pickles
BBQ Seitan, Texas toast, Amish pickles

After mingling all early-evening with the delicious smells of BBQ (and with a couple drinks under my belt), I had to cozy up to the bar and order up 1/4 lb of BBQ Seitan. They really do it up right, and serve it with multiple BBQ sauces so that you can have your pick (I go for the hottest). Alongside two buttered pieces of Texas toast and some Amish dill pickles chips, it’s a perfect little meal for $5. Thanks, El Camino, for the great time!

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