Cheese Plates at the Swift Half

Cheese Platter at the Swift Half
Cheese Platter at the Swift Half

While spending an Saturday afternoon checking out the shops and scene at the new Piazza at Schmidt’s, I got a little hungry. Not a lot hungry, but beer and a snack hungry. Already a fan of the Good Dog and Grace, I decided to check out the legendary bartender/owner Fergie’s new spot, the Swift Half. With generous outdoor seating and the luck of a Phillies game on the Jumbotron, my friend Ryan and I ordered up some hoppy beverages and I took a look at the menu.

While there are a few tasty looking vegetarian options – a beet and goat cheese sandwich, a vegetarian shepards pie and petite cucumber finger sandwiches, I had a few options, but the cheese plates really caught my eye. For just $5 you can choose a lovely cheese, paired with sliced baguette, fresh fruit and accoutremonts. I choose the boucheron, a French goat’s cheese that is interestingly firm on the inside and softer on the outside. It came paired with fresh blueberries and a thick blueberry sauce. A generous slice of delicious cheese, spreadable fruit, and just $5? I’m hooked.

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