Ressurection Ale House

Homemade pickle plate
Homemade pickle plate

I finally made it over to Ressurection Alehouse, the new restaurant run by the couple partially responsible for the best fried pickles in Philadelphia (Memphis Taproom) and my West Philly neighborhood’s best on-tap beer bar (Local 44) . What a lovely joint – not that I’m surprised at all. I love the way the Brendan and Leigh take advantage of the best of a building architectural details, add some clean, modern touches, and decorate the wall according. At Ressurection, I particularly love the stained glass and antique mirrors.

And the food – hurray! Lots of veggie options, on a sort of upscale down-home kind of menu. And of course, great beer. I started with the homemade pickles: two kinds of cucumber (sweet and dill), mango, and a delicious watermelon rind served with pumpernickel bread. I also shared the corncakes – fluffy with delicious kernels of fresh corn, a mellow roasted red pepper sauce and queso fresco. Sadly, I seem to have lost my photo.

Roasted Miatake Mushroom
Roasted Miatake Mushroom

I can almost never turn down a mushroom main dish. The Miatake mushroom, perfectly coated in hazelnut breadcrumbs and served over celery root puree (which I LOVE!) with glazed carrots was light, perfectly cooked with diverse textures, and I thought it was wonderful. I’ll be back to try the Vietnamese Mushroom Hoagie, the Israeli Couscous & Quinoa, and all the wonderful sounding plates in “smaller stuff.”

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