Grilled Cheese at Prohibition Taproom

Prohibition Bar Sign
Prohibition Bar Sign

How can you not love a bar with a beautiful sign like that? Prohibition Taproom is a super neat place, with great beers on tap, a very cool curvy bar, and an awesome juke box. What’s not to like? They also have a great menu with a daily grilled cheese special.

Grilled Cheese
Grilled Cheese

The Saturday night I was in featured jack and blue cheese with sliced pears and toasted pecans on sourdough bread. It was melty and not overly cheese and while I was skeptical about jack with blue, it won me over. And it came with a side of greens! I’ve also always loved the bartenders here – friendly and helpful and knowledgeable and calm and full of smiles.

Prohibition is tucked into kind of an odd part of the city, but its the best bar around if you’re in the neighborhood (and say, heading to Osteria for a late dinner). And just look at this building across the street. I’m a sucker of post-industrial ruin.


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