Baltimore in the Fall

Farmers Market

I finally found time to make the trip down to Baltimore and visit my friends Laura and John in their new wonderful, beautiful, full-of-original details house in Charles Village. We went straight to the Saturday farmers market around the corner, and stocked up on all kind of beautiful veggies, a great havarti, a loaf of bread, some apple cider (for mug after mug of cider with Root, all weekend long) and some locally made ginger jerk sauce.

Vegetable Stock





Almost right away, we made a wonderful vegetable stock and added an apple for just a hint of fall sweetness.

Spicy Mushroom Soup





John made us this great spicy mushroom soup with lots of vegetables for lunch. We ate it on top of rice while we watched movies on the couch.

Snazzied up





Then we got all snazzied up for a Speakeasy themed fundraiser for a local gem, a historic learning center. Cocktails and treats followed, and we especially liked the deviled eggs and cheese sauce!

Butternut Squash Soup




What’s a visit without a dinner party? The following night Laura and John invited over their fun friends from Chicago to join us. We made them this butternut squash soup (with toasted seeds!) using the broth made the day before.
Roasted Root Vegetables


And some roasted root vegetables. Because it’s Fall!

Cheese Puffs










And then Laura made her famous gruyere cheese puffs with chives cut straight from the patio garden.


Because she works at the awesome vegan bakery Sticky Fingers, our dinner guest brought us this even awesomer cake – a tribute to our Midwest roots!

Midwest Cake

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