Fall at Linvilla Orchards


I finally made it out to Linvilla Orchard last weekend and had a great time enjoying their Fall bounty. I had hoped to pick apples, but I just missed the season. Luckily for me, Linvilla still has thousands of apples to purchase at their market, along with goards galore and a huge crates of varied pumpkins.

Indian Corn

I was seriously tempted by the selection of Indian corn, especially the deep red colors. At the last minute, I remembered that I had some stored above my kitchen cabinets, in case I really got excited about Thanksgiving decorating.

MumsInitially I thought that I was going to buy some deep red mums, and got very excited about the selection at the Orchard. Though I passed a lot of mums a at garden stores along the way, I was glad I waited, as these looked much better!

Ornamental CabbageAnd then I saw the beautiful ornamental cabbage and changed my mind. I’ve wanted some of these in the pots on my front porch for years, but always have trouble finding them in city. If I ever have time to plant them, they’ll be colorful long into the cold season. And really, don’t even get me started on the apples. I have a house full of pies.

One thought on “Fall at Linvilla Orchards

  1. we went a few weekends ago and we’re a little overwhelmed by the crowds. maybe it was just a bad time to go, but i think we were all a little disappointed.

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