Delicious Greens and Faux-Southen food


What to do with a pile of greens that’s interesting, fast and delicious? I had a huge pile of kale and bored with all my old ideas. A little flip through Simply in Season saved the night with their kale with peanut sauce recipe. Organic peanut butter, garlic, red onions, and the result was delicious greens. I rounded out the meal with some quickly boiled sweet potatoes and local tofu, dredged in rice milk then cornmeal, quick-fried in the and the skillet. As fast as ordering out, much healthy and cheaper, and a great little comfort dinner.

2 thoughts on “Delicious Greens and Faux-Southen food

    1. Thanks so much! I’ve been more familiar with the spicier south east asian-style peanut sauces, and am so glad that I discovered mellow versions that work well in other cuisines. Thanks for your comment!

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