NYC, LES: SobaKoh


What to do when you’ve made a trip to New York on a Sunday, only to find the restaurant you intended to visit is closed on Sundays (bad, Dirt Candy, bad)? Take a friends advice and go for soba. “It just seems healthy,” he said, and he is right. But really, more vegetables would up that help. A huge selection, though, and I had a lovely hot soba with fried tofu, shredded radish, and cilantro. SobaKoh makes all their own noodles, too, which is a treat. A quick belly-filler before it was time to hop back on the Bolt Bus!

<a href=””><img alt=”Sobakoh on Urbanspoon” src=”; style=”border:none;width:104px;height:34px” /></a>

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