Village Whiskey. Did you say Whiskey?

Veggie Burger

It’s hard for me to even talk about how much I love bourbon. Like, enough to get me into trouble. Enough that I had to give it up for a year. Now that I’m older and sometimes understand moderation, my love for whiskey has risen up, and it demands to be satisfied. So when I heard that Jose Garces (shout out to Philly’s new Iron Chef!) was opening as whiskey bar, I was all anticipation. When I finally made it in for the first time, I was delighted by the white subway tiled walls, the antique lighting, and the huge whiskey list. But we’re here to talk about food, right?

I’m usually a little “eh” about veggie burgers, wanting, even expecting, something more exciting and vegetarian from my dining choice. But Village Whiskey has a very short menu, and it involves not only a bar snacks section (cheese puffs! tater tots! deviled eggs! but an entire pickle section, so I’ve forgiven them. And they make a banging veggie burger.

A thick black bean and lentil patty hand-formed, topped with guacamole, pickled cabbage, lettuce and tomato and someday, when I’m famished, the addition of a fried egg. A brioche bun. Two dill pickle spears. Sounds delicious, right?

Don’t even get me started on the prohibition and repeal-style drinks, (I’m a sucker for the de reguer, old fashioned and aviation) the great bourbon menu (do yourself a favor and get the Old Bardstown Black Label) and the great, friendly bartenders. Just get yourself there.

inside the burger

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