Sang Kee Noodles House

I’ve never been to the Chinatown Sang Kee, but when the new location opened up in University City, I decided to stop by. While the prices are great, there are not many vegetarian options. And by that, I mean, like three. I ordered the classic noodle soup with egg noodles and convinced my server to throw in a couple of vegetable dumplings. The soup itself was pretty unimpressive – bland broth, bok choy the only vegetable, not a lot of flavor in the dumplings. I dressed it up with a healthy heap of siracha, which made it more palatable.

The real star of the night was the ice cream sampler that our serve helpfully suggested. Just $5 and we got delicious ice cream – green tea, red bean, ginger, and coconut – garnished with berries. All of the ice creams were good, but I, not particularly liking sweets, leaned towards the ginger and green tea.

2 thoughts on “Sang Kee Noodles House

  1. I tried to eat here about a month ago and they told me there were no vegetarian soup broth options. They offered to make it with water but I passed. Do you think they changed the menu or do you think they gave you meat broth?

    1. Yikes! I don’t know! I tried hard to communicate my vegetarian status, but there was a large language barrier with my first server. The broth didn’t taste meaty at all, but I can’t be sure. There is also a vegetable curry dish with tofu that seems to be veggie, but I’d want confirmation. I wish they’d step-up their vegetarian options!

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