Mama Gautsche’s Zucchini Cookies

My mother doesn’t actually make cookies – she’s far to healthy for that. But she does make these zucchini cookies, which are moist and delicious and wonderful. You can make these cookies as healthy as you want them to be. You can make them entirely with whole wheat pastry flour (pictured above) and even add some extra flax, like I usually do. You can make … Continue reading Mama Gautsche’s Zucchini Cookies

Brunch at Honey’s Sit & Eat

It’s not easy to get into Honey’s – the line usually stretches out the door, and it’s hard to beat the rush. But if you can get in before your stomach forces you to go somewhere else, it’s worth it. Jewish-comfort-diner food i a cute setting with fresh squeezed orange juice and homemade pies. Though the sandwiches always tempt me, I don’t walk out of … Continue reading Brunch at Honey’s Sit & Eat