The Vegetarian goes French

I admit that, as a vegetarian, French food can be a bit difficult for me. Not food in France, made at home with wonderful bread and vegetables and cheese and herbs, but the kind served in French restaurants. Nevertheless, I’m always up to try something new, and when some friends wanted to go romantic French for Valentines day, I was game. Could I make a meal? Yes, yes I could. If you don’t eat cheese, your options are severely reduced, but I do, and this is what I had a wonderful little spot called Bistro La Minette. Pictured above is the Gnocchi Gratinés au Fromage, gnocchi so pillowy and soft they disappeared into the Comte, caramelized onions, and wild mushrooms. Heaven.

For my main course, I ordered the Charlotte au Morbier, a stacked-style bread pudding with morbier cheese, served with a cold beet salad (which seems to be leaking all over my plate). I like the flavors, but would have preferred a moister, more traditional bread pudding.

Dessert? It was Valentines day, and the black current sorbet paired with this lemon tart got me all excited.

This Mille Feuille aux Framboises, while it had the more exciting name, didn’t quite line-up in the flavor department. Caramelized puff pastry, baked crisp, just isn’t the best vehicle for creme, and the overall flavor was a little bland. The restaurant was lovely, though, and we had a wonderful night with carafes of serviceable house red, a charming waiter, and romantic decor. Try it again? Yes, I would.

Bistro La Minette on Urbanspoon

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