Rice and Beans night

Every time I make brown rice or soak and then cook black beans I make extra and freeze the leftovers. It doesn’t really take any more time or energy to make more than you need, and then when you come home mid-week, ravenous and lazy and tired and not wanting to cook, a little quick defrosting will have you most of the way to a meal. I LOVE toppings and garnishes of all kinds, and rice and beans are so easily transformed into an exciting dinner based on what you have in the fridge. I got lucky on the night pictured above and had fresh avocado, pico de gallo green onions and cilantro available, along with two kinds of hot sauce, roasted red peppers and some cheddar cheese. On other nights I might add some quick-sauteed greens and garlic, leftover tomato sauce, and parmesan. O maybe some curry spice and the bottom of the bottle of mango pickle and some sweet chutney. It’s your quick and cheap dinner – go wild!

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