Broccoli Polenta from Veganomicon, with Spring vegetables

broccoli polenta

I’ve admitted before that I find broccoli a bit of a chore. I know that it’s good for me, and arrives beautiful and fresh in my CSA, but there just aren’t that many ways that I like it. Whenever I find a recipe I like, I’m thrilled. With a giant head of broccoli on my hands, I finally decided to try the broccoli polenta from Veganomicon. And I just can’t rave about it enough. It was so delicious (even without cream, butter and cheese) that I couldn’t stop eating it, even cold out of the refrigerator in the middle of the night. I served it up with fried summer squash, portobello mushrooms, green garlic scapes (all from my CSA), sundried tomatoes and then a sprinkle of pecorino. Served with a side of garden peas in just a touch of butter with lemon, and I had one of the most pleasant meals in recent memory.

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