Go Phillies! Vegetarian at the Ballbark

Last summer I asked you to submit your favorite vegetarian and vegan options at the PETA award-winning Citizen’s Park ballpark. I’ve been trying to track them down for myself! Last Saturday I went in search of a rumored vegan crab cake, and found it at Planet Hoagie. This HUGE hoagie comes with tartersauce or red pepper and garlic sauce. I added provolone, pickles, mayo, hot peppers and banana peppers, and could only eat about half. At $9.50 it’s pretty steep, but you could easily split this monster. Other discoveries:

1. Veggie wraps and hoagies at Planet Hoagie
2. Vegan steak and vegetarian cheesesteaks at Campo’s
3 .Vegan hotdogs and chicken sandwiches at South Philly Market
4. Southwestern Veggie Burgers at Alley Grill
5. Black Bean Burgers at Cobblestone Grill

Plus all the classic fries, pizza and pretzels you can eat!

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