Late lunch with Memphis Taproom’s Summer Menu

By know you know how much I LOVE the fried pickle spears at Memphis Taproom. I couldn’t even bring myself to take another picture of them this time, but rest assured they started the meal. While I went for the pickles and an ice cold IPA, I found myself a little peckish, and ordered off the summer menu, which is full of great vegetarian choices. The coconut caught my eye, and I ordered the Smoked Coconut Club with thin slices of grilled lemon garlic tofu, smoked coconut, and tomato herb mayo on some hearty multigrain bread. Oh, and the fries, of course. With four little sandwiches (and an order of friend pickles under my belt, literally) I had plenty to take home for a late night snack.

My sweetpea, who has just recently returned to vegetarianism, was intrigued by the chicken-fried portabello. He pronounced it crazily chicken-y mostly because the frying was done so well. And who can deny a “chicken” sandwich with spicy pickles, and basil mayo?

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